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The goal of this class is to give you the best possible information and approaches on how to release tension in the problematic areas, strengthen the deep muscles that are responsible for holding your spine strong, straight, and healthy, and how to gain your overall optimum mobility, strength & flexibility. It's a special combination of trigger point therapy, dynamic & yogic stretches, mobility & strength exercises.


This class is especially beneficial for anyone who struggles with tight and painful hips, frozen shoulder, wrist pain, back pain, poor posture, and hunched back as it is designed to not only strengthen but also heal the problematic area. Of course, it's great for anyone looking to simply condition and build their strength too! 


The effectiveness of this class has proven itself as the techniques and approaches used are the ones I used to heal my herniated disc a few years ago.


We will start the session by discussing your concerns. We will then warm-up and jump right into the exercises targeting the areas you need and want to heal and/or strengthen the most. Throughout the session, I will check-in with you to make sure you are doing every exercise correctly to ensure you get the best out of our class. We will be cooling off by performing easy yet effective yogic stretches.

Every session is different & personalized to individual or group needs and interests.

Workout at Home


Equipment needed will vary depending on your goals, but generally, you will need:

  • yoga mat

  • resistance bands or weights

  • trigger point therapy ball (lacrosse ball would be best)

  • any additional equipment announced before the class

  • water


Public groups: up to 30 people: $25/person

Private groups: 2 to 100 people: from $120, $35/person

1-on-1: $45/person

Session packages available.

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