Through my career as a professional and Olympic pole vaulter I learned all the techniques I now share with my guests and students.

My true purpose of life is to help others by sharing my knowledge and wisdom in spiritual and physical aspects of a healthy and mindful living.



As front line medical professional searching for stress relief, I found Pauls at the height of the pandemic. From his 'Trigger Point Therapy" to 'Core strengthening' to 'Guided Mediation'. Each online class Pauls has kept us physically and mentally healthy. His expertise is truly priceless. His passion to help others is evident. Having an Olympic athlete's experience guide us is the best part. He is kind, caring and compassionate.






During the pandemic, my wife was trying to find ways to "go places" while not leaving the house. She luckily found one of Pauls's online experiences. Of all things, we started with a "six-pack abs" course which was fun and educational. During the "chat" afterward, we learned that he was far from one dimensional.  Soon we did a trigger point therapy then a yoga class. As we "got to know" Pauls, we were impressed with his vast knowledge of the mind and body well beyond the fact that he is an Olympic Pole Vaulter. We learned that the key to his success was multifactorial and quite importantly rooted in wellness and mindfulness. As a result of the stress of COVID and our jobs in emergency medicine, we found a great need for calming our minds. Our time with Pauls has evolved into a regular weekly guided meditation and wellness journey. Each week he presents us with a thoughtful, prepared, and varied experience. He is an amazing young man and teacher!


Christine M. Bark,


Pauls is a supremely talented and generous individual. I knew from our very first yoga session that he is incredibly gifted at helping people draw from within themselves.  He is someone that helped me reach a level of meditation that I had not experienced in many years.

His trigger point therapy knowledge is astounding. In a few sessions, he helped me move my shoulder freely again. He did what physical therapy and doctors over the years could not do for me: truly listen and understand where that old pain was stemming from. Pauls helped me regain my freedom of movement in my shoulder through his expert and personalized trigger point therapy sessions.

I’m especially grateful for the lessons he provided me with around mindfulness, too. He is an elite athlete that has helped coach me and others on how to maintain a clear mind, especially in the midst of stressful or turbulent events.  

I'm blessed to know this young man. Pauls is a rare gem with prodigious talent (he is currently training for the Tokyo summer Olympics)! What stands out to me is his heart. He genuinely cares about others and works to help them. He takes the time to know people in order to help people – especially children and seniors – and it is easy to spot the pride and happiness in his eyes when he talks about the work that he does to help others achieve physical and mental wellbeing. 

If you are on the fence or at all shy about working with a professional athlete, don’t be. He is approachable, kind, and compassionate. I look back now and wonder how on earth I had been initially a bit nervous about signing up for that very first class with him! I have greatly benefited from his personalized trigger point therapy, yoga, and meditation sessions. You will feel the same way.


I've been working with Pauls in a group workshop environment and then transitioned to 1on1 training with Pauls. We have done many trigger point therapies together and then 1on1 for goal setting, vision and recovery workshop. My Zoom calls with Pauls have been incredibly insightful and I now have a great recovery program, particularly during Covid-19. I will continue to work with Pauls for along time, as life circumstances change, and hence, the plan ahead will need to be revised. Highly recommended. 


Digital Strategist