Although there are now endless online opportunities to stay fit and healthy, yet not as many live ones. The main and most important benefit of LIVE online class, no matter the type, is that both you and I are able to make sure you're doing everything correctly, which in turn reduces the risk of injury or overworking. You also get to ask questions and address your concerns making the session personalized and countless times more valuable and healthy for you!

I offer live online classes such as Mindful Yoga, Trigger Point Therapy, Guided Meditation, Strength Conditioning, as well as Goal Setting and Guidance. 

Most importantly, I always take into account my client's needs, concerns, injuries and goals, as well as keep a close eye on each of my guests, just as you would expect in a live in-person class!

All my classes are hosted on Zoom, unless you prefer and provide a different video conferencing platform!

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