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The new Western society's interpretation of Yoga doesn't suggest the true ancient Indian Yoga purpose. Now, when there are yoga studios on every second corner and so many online yoga classes, it's not easy to find Yoga that's based on the true ancient Yoga philosophy and teachings.

The word 'Yoga' means both, a certain state which is a state of complete self-consciousness that raises the human to a qualitatively new and higher level of intellectual evolution; and a method of spiritual practice concentrating the consciousness that leads to absolute liberation with the accompanying attribute - spiritual super-consciousness, knowledge of thing essence, getting rid of attachments, suffering, illusions. ​


​The Yoga is designed around the authentic and traditional Yoga philosophy that Pauls, your teacher, has learned from Yoga masters in Russia and China to share it with you & the world.

It's tailored around mindful breathing and recovery for your entire body & mind. Its goal is to make you aware of your body, mind, soul, and the divine cosmic energy around us.

Every session is different & personalized to individual or group needs and interests.

Fragile Pampas


This live online session consists of two parts - Yoga flow & Shavasana (lying down guided meditation).

In the Yoga flow part, we achieve the Yoga state of complete self-consciousness and self-awareness by performing different Yogic asanas and mindful breathing - this prepares our mind and body for the Shavasana part.

In the Shavasana and meditation part, we will be working with your subconscious mind and energy centers (Chakras), by using various powerful techniques like positive affirmations, gratitude, mudras, visualization, and the healing sound of the Tibetian singing bowl.


To successfully participate in our session, you will need:

  • yoga mat

  • a blanket & pillow for the Shavasana part (optional)

  • water

Yoga Mat and Straps
White Plants


Public groups: up to 30 people: $25/person

Private groups: 2 to 100 people: from $100, $30/person

1-on-1: $45/person

P.S. subscription plans available